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GACOLI lamps come with a two-year guarantee as standard. Is there something wrong with your GACOLI? If so, contact our customer service via

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can GACOLIS be kept outside all the time?
Certainly, your GACOLI is resistant to all weather conditions. GACOLI outdoor lamps can withstand rain and wind 365 days per year thanks to the robust materials and the simple yet effective construction.

I have several GACOLI lamps, but they are not all as bright. How is this possible? 
If you have two or more lamps and the light output of the two lamps differs significantly, then it could be that the brighter lamp has absorbed more sunlight than the darker lamp. This was probably caused by shade from a plant, a tree or the house. As a result, your GACOLI will have stored less sunlight.

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