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Manhattan-Pendant No.1

Manhattan Pendant is the ideal lamp for this situation, hang it up in a tree in your garden.

This small model is fitted with a sleek white cover that contains the EMU, equipped with a twilight switch.

You can leave this Manhattan outside throughout the year; like all our other models, it can withstand all weather conditionsher conditions. 

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  • 365 days a year outdoor proof
  • Wireless outdoor lighting
  • Standard 2-year warranty

The entire Manhattan and Checkmate series have the automatic twilight switch functionality, which is easy to activate and ensures you will no longer have to think about turning on the lamp.

  • Height
  • Width
  • Length
  • Guarantee
    2 Years
  • Material
  • Leds

The GACOLI Manhattan No.2 Dock is completely solar powered. Thanks to the innovative inside EMU (Energy Management System) specially designed for the GACOLI MANHATTAN series. The MANHATTAN No.2 Dock is provided with three warm white LEDs, 1 in the cover and 2 placed facing downwards to the stand. The MANHATTAN serie comes with an extra charger, this charger has a 1 meter cable.