Garden lighting & outdoor loungers

The lamps from the Gacoli collection are entirely cable and wire-free, which makes them easy to place and move. The fact they're entirely wireless has one huge advantage: they don't need any electricity. Instead of using electricity, our designer outdoor lamps actually use solar energy. Buying one of Gacoli's fifteen models of outdoor lamps is, in other words, a very environmentally conscious decision.

We finally gave a lot of thought to how practically sustainable our outdoor lamps are, because if you're enjoying yourself outside and the weather suddenly packs up, you don't have to give your designer outdoor lamp a second thought: they're tough enough to face a challenge and so you can leave them outside the whole year through without giving them a second thought. Besides, no one else makes better or 'greener' designer outdoor lamps, do they?


Lounging around has never been so relaxed as in a GACOLI Lounger. View our two models and see how practical and comfortable they are.