Gacoli specialises in creating unique, comfort-increasing outdoor products. Gacoli creates and designs these revolutionary products itself and then introduces them to the national and international catering, business, and private individual markets.

In addition to the well-known and in-house designed 'Dutch Design' Gacoli ROOTS-solar energy-powered outdoor lamps, we're also introducing  the GACOLI POWERBLOCKS: cable-free universal lighting for under your sun umbrella or for on your veranda, the GACOLI CATWALK-models: cable-less pathlighting  the GACOLI MONROE-models: compact designer outdoor lamps for on the table, the GACOLI NOMAD-lamps: garden lamps with a unique design and the GACOLI DOCKLIGHTS: trendy outdoor lamps with a robust stand. All of these new models come with the latest Gacoli EMU (Energy Management Unit) on solar panels, so they're entirely cable-free and self-supporting.



An outdoor lamp, that means you can sit outside for hours and that lets you create the same warmth and conviviality as you have indoors, without taxing the environment too much - that is exactly the kind of product we at Gacoli wanted to design.

Gacoli has developed an EMU (an Energy Management Unit) for every model. Every EMU comes equipped with high quality solar panels, and an intelligent battery and sustainable LED lamps. Some models even come with a handy remote control with dimmer function or an automatic twilight switch, so you can get the most out of the great outdoors.

Each line of our robust designer lamps are unique and thanks to the fact that they are cable and wire-free, they're child's play to place and move, which makes them a breeze to use. Gacoli outdoor lamps are made of strong materials such as stainless steel. Plus, they create a gorgeous atmosphere and they can be used the whole year through, you can even leave them outdoors in the wind and rain. That's easy living!

Gacoli exterior lighting can remain outdoors 365 days a year. All Gacoli lamps work on 100% solar energy, which makes them fully cable-free. This makes them very easy to place and move and they save you a huge amount on your energy bill. 

Explaining the GACOLI EMU System:

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